Full Assisted Living – Rudy’s Agape House

Full Assisted Living – Rudy’s Agape House

Full Assisted Living - Rudy’s Agape House -SM

Rudy’s Agape House - Full Assisted Living

Full Assisted Living – Rudy’s Agape House

Home is where the heart is…

…and at Rudy’s Agape House there is a lot of heart.  Our philosophy is that this is not just a residence but our resident’s home and we are privileged to work in it.  Our lifestyle encompasses all that being at home normally entails, like the smell of good home cooking, comfortable common areas, an accessible “backyard”, and a late night bowl of ice cream.



Individualized Care


Every member of our family is special and has unique needs. There is a nurse here regularly to guide our caregiving staff and address any medical issues that arise.  We work with Home Health companies to provide additional nursing care such as wound management and other services such as Physical, Occupational or Speech Therapy. Whether someone joins us once a week, daily or lives here, our job is to meet their needs, no matter how challenging they are.


Special Needs


While we specialize in those with memory and/or cognitive issues, those with poor vision, hearing or mobility also function well in our environment because of our unique philosophy.  Our staffing ratio is such that it allows one-on-one time, often several times each day.  We also allow pets and Rudy, a certified therapy dog, is here daily as well.


Family Oriented


Over our fireplace are pictures of our family because Rudy’s Agape House is a family style community where everyone becomes family quickly.   Our residents care about each other and can be very protective of each other after a very short time.  Just as they become family, the resident’s family become part of our Rudy’s family, often joining us for meals and activities or just “hanging out”.




Full-Time Activity Program

We offer a full-time activity program for both residents and Day Services clients which includes exercise time, BINGO, crafts, music, live entertainment and more.  There are also outings to museums, the beach, and different locations for shopping excursions and many of our folks love an afternoon outdoors just socializing or watching bird’s visit the feeders.


Wellness Program

At Rudy’s Agape House all the clients enjoy the benefits of on-site nursing care including preventative care.  There are a variety of additional services offered including Physician’s, ARNP’s, Podiatry, Dermatology, Eye Care and Dental through on-site providers as well.  Should they be needed, we also work closely with Hospice to ensure that all of life’s needs are met.